Anonymous: Rsvx

R - 10 curiosities (I cant tell if its what Im curious about or if its something curious about me so Im just gonna roll with it)

Space. Mexican Food. Music Theory. Anthropology. Sociology. Philosophy. Story. Language. Lucid Dreaming. Hunting. 

S - 2 habits

Drinking. Baths.

V - 3 big dreams

Publish a book. Play a show at Dans SilverLeaf (its the concert venue in Denton). Make it past 50. 

X - If I’ve done something I regret very much.


I’m tired of people canceling on me or just not showing up. I swear. I get like no free time and I try to spend it with other people and I’m always disappointed.

wordsfromfloor4: Blake! I'm a writer from Los Angeles, but currently living in Tel Aviv. I have tons of short stories and poetry and if you could perhaps give me a hand in getting some published it would mean the world to me. I hear you do such things.


Publish it yourself and give away all the copies you can with your email address written on the inside cover.